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Are you having trouble with cleaning an old rug? Is your carpeting in urgent need of professional attention? If so, then Silver State Carpet Care is the company for you! Located in Las Vegas, NV, we are the carpet cleaning company that will exceed your expectations.Since the establishment of our business in 2001, our carpet and upholstery cleaning team has helped many people. Whether you need rug cleaning or carpet restoration service, we are the specialists that will help!

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Carpet cleaning in Las Vegas, NV
Carpet cleaning

When it comes top carpet cleaning, people should make sure that their precious items are in good hands. Our skilled and experienced professionals never cut corners and always make sure that the final results exceed the expectations of our clients. Although regular vacuuming performed by the homeowner is important, it is not enough to keep carpets clean and fresh smelling. Professional carpet cleaners have the equipment to remove deeply embedded dirt and dust, ensuring the look and long life of carpets.

Upholstery cleaning in Las Vegas, NV
Upholstery cleaning

Is your furniture dull and unattractive? Has it been a while since they were cleaned by a professional upholstery cleaning company? If so, be sure to get in touch with us right away! We are well-equipped to respond to your needs in a timely manner. Our skilled cleaners will bring back the beauty of your upholstered furniture in no time. Keep in mind that regular upholstery cleaning is essential for maintaining a clean and healthy home. You can count on us to prolong the life of your furniture. All you have to do is give us a call.

Tile and Grout Cleaning in Las Vegas, NV
Tile and Grout Cleaning

Most people postpone tile & grout cleaning for as long as they can. And it’s no wonder! Cleaning tile and grout is a laborious and time-consuming chore. What is more, unless you have the tools, knowledge, and proper cleaning products, you won’t be able to accomplish the desired results. This is why calling a professional cleaner is your best option. We are well equipped to handle this chore for you in a timely manner, making sure your tiles are shining when we have finished.

Rug cleaning service in Las Vegas, NV
Rug Cleaning

Just like carpets, rugs attract and trap dust, dirt, pet dander, and other particles that can lead to severe allergies and aggravate respiratory issues such as asthma. Therefore, a professional rug cleaning service is a must, especially for homes with children and people suffering from allergies and asthma. You can count on us to remove any stains and odors you want going. We can also help prolong the lifespan of your rugs while ensuring they are a beautiful addition to your interior.

Silver State Carpet Care is great company! They make perfect carpet cleaning in my house, and I'm very impressive of their professional services in La


Silver State Carpet Care is great company! They make perfect carpet cleaning in my house, and I'm very impressive of their professional services in Las Vegas, NV. Affordable and quality company! Highly recommend!
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5.0 21 Silver State Carpet Care is great company! They make perfect carpet cleaning in my house, and I'm very impressive of their professional services in Las Vegas, NV. Affordable and qu
What makes Silver State Carpet Care stand out from any other tile cleaning provider is our increasing devotion to the service. We understand that Las Vegas, NV people expect squeaky clean results, and this is why we always make an extra effort when performing any cleaning service. As a renowned carpet cleaner company, we use only the finest products when working. This allows us to achieve outstanding and fresh results.


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How Do Professionals Clean Carpets?

Main Carpet Cleaning Techniques

We all should know the importance of keeping our carpets and rugs as clean as a whistle. Let’s admit, we completely forget about them. We just step on them and they draw our attention once a stain appears or they get too dirty. If you want to eliminate any contaminants in depth with a lasting effect, you will have to trust a professional carpet cleaning company. What cleaning methods do they implement?

  • Steam cleaning. Some people call it hot water extraction. As you can guess, this technique involves deep cleaning with the help of hot water and steam. Your valuable floor coverings are treated with a special machine containing a tank full of water. Hot water is injected into the carpet to kill all existing bacteria, dust mites, etc. Sometimes, depending on the degree of contamination, specialists may also use a carpet cleaner.
  • Dry foam shampooing. This method is also known as dry cleaning but you shouldn’t be deceived by the term. Water is still used. The difference is that a liquid cleaner is inserted into specialized equipment that produces foam. And that foam is spread on your carpet while it’s still dry. Actually, this method utilizes 10 % liquid and 90 % air. The dirt is then extracted from the same machine.
  • Carpet shampooing. This is probably the most commonly-implemented carpet cleaning method. A foamy chemical is used to cover them and then, the contaminants are scrubbed by a motorized circular brush.
  • Encapsulation. It is classified as a “dry” technique but it utilizes a special chemical containing cleaning and crystallizing agents. The crystallizing agents then encapsulate dirt and debris to turn them into crystals and a cleaning machine sucks them out of your carpets and rugs.

Are you residing in Las Vegas, NV and searching for a reputable cleaning company? Do you wish to know more about the cleaning methods and techniques Silver State Carpet Care offers? If you want to learn more about our services and rates, just dial (702) 487-4251.

How to Maintain Your Upholstery in Top Condition

Upholstery Cleaning Tips and Tricks

So, you have just bought a new beautiful sofa and someone told you to take care of it. Yes, I agree, that may sound strange but it is true. Upholstered furniture need some upkeep to help them look great all the time. What tricks can you use?

Fluff. The cushions on your couch are full of soft materials that are prone to flattening because of their extensive usage. But if you fluff them occasionally with some energetic punches, you will help them maintain their original shape. Few people realize it but fluffing can also have a therapeutic effect. So, you kill two birds with one stone.

Flip. You should flip your upholstery cushions approximately every two weeks. This way, you ensure that they wear and tear evenly. Remember, you have to treat both seat and back cushions this way. However, if your sofa has attached back cushions, usually they have a zipper at the bottom. So, you will have to open it to do that. Another wise trick is to switch cushions if you have three or more on your couch. Just change their places every once in a while.

Fuss. Every upholstery cleaning professional will tell you to vacuum them on a regular basis to keep them look and feel nice. Even though vacuuming won’t remove all the trapped pollutants in depth, by doing so, you will help them last longer. Sitting on dusty upholstered furniture is an option for people with allergies and respiratory issues. But when you are doing it, you have to make sure you are kind to your upholstery delicate fibers.

Additional words. We strongly recommend you not to remove the manufacturer’s tag from your furniture pieces. Do not throw it away unless you wish to damage your new sofa due to improper care. They contain important information about the cushion content, style, and fabric numbers, and delivery date. Also, keep them away from direct sunlight if possible. Ultraviolet rays can be very destructive.

You can put your trust in Silver State Carpet Care for prompt upholstery cleaning services with flawless results. Do not hesitate to hire us for projects of any size of you are a part of the community of Las Vegas, NV. If you need to know more, just dial (702) 487-4251.

If you are looking for a rug cleaning service that will meet your requirements, do not hire any freelancers. We often advise people against employing unqualified personnel, as they will not be able to perform up to professional specifications. On the other hand, our highly experienced and qualified professionals will be more than happy to impress you. If you wish to find out more about our affordable tile, rug and carpet cleaning services, contact us today!

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