How Do Professionals Clean Carpets?

How Do Professionals Clean Carpets?  

Main Carpet Cleaning Techniques

We all should know the importance of keeping our carpets and rugs as clean as a whistle. Let’s admit, we completely forget about them. We just step on them and they draw our attention once a stain appears or they get too dirty. If you want to eliminate any contaminants in depth with a lasting effect, you will have to trust a professional carpet cleaning company. What cleaning methods do they implement?

  • Steam cleaning. Some people call it hot water extraction. As you can guess, this technique involves deep cleaning with the help of hot water and steam. Your valuable floor coverings are treated with a special machine containing a tank full of water. Hot water is injected into the carpet to kill all existing bacteria, dust mites, etc. Sometimes, depending on the degree of contamination, specialists may also use a carpet cleaner.

  • Dry foam shampooing. This method is also known as dry cleaning but you shouldn’t be deceived by the term. Water is still used. The difference is that a liquid cleaner is inserted into specialized equipment that produces foam. And that foam is spread on your carpet while it’s still dry. Actually, this method utilizes 10 % liquid and 90 % air. The dirt is then extracted from the same machine.

  • Carpet shampooing. This is probably the most commonly-implemented carpet cleaning method. A foamy chemical is used to cover them and then, the contaminants are scrubbed by a motorized circular brush.

  • Encapsulation. It is classified as a “dry” technique but it utilizes a special chemical containing cleaning and crystallizing agents. The crystallizing agents then encapsulate dirt and debris to turn them into crystals and a cleaning machine sucks them out of your carpets and rugs.

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