How To Take Care Of Unwanted Stain Of Your Rug

How To Take Care Of Unwanted Stain Of Your Rug  

Expert Rug Cleaning Service Tips

Accidents are an inevitable part of life.They tend to happen at unexpected times and can cause serious hassles. Such moments include when your rug sustains damage due to spills or food drops. Yet, before you consider scheduling a professional rug cleaning service, there are several steps which you can take to reduce harm. Some of the measures you can take include the following:

Remove as much of the liquid as possible

Before you can begin your DIY carpet cleaning you need to remove as much of the spill or drop as possible. For the task, use a dry white washcloth or paper towel. Blot the stain without rubbing until the material cannot be absorbed any more. Replace as often as needed to ensure that you remove as much of the source as possible. Apply pressure using your hand to extract the liquid in the fibers of your carpet. Also, do not forget to check if the actual cause has been removed such as the toppled glass of wine.

Determine what is the cause and use a suitable product

Once, you have removed the source of the stain including all remaining liquid, you should determine the type of spot. This is essential as it helps to determine the type of detergent you need to treat the stain. Be sure to use a product which is suitable for both the source of the defect as well as the fibers of your carpet. Also, do not forget the rug cleaning service rule of thumb of testing in advance. Try the chemical on an inconspicuous spot and see if it causes harm to the fibers such as discoloration. If no issues appear, proceed to use the detergent as per instructions.

How to take care of unwanted stain of your rug? If you would like to learn these actions, contact a professional rug cleaning service provider such as Silver State Carpet Care in Las Vegas, NV.