Is Your Microfiber Sofa Full of Water Marks and Stains?

Is Your Microfiber Sofa Full of Water Marks and Stains?  

How to Do Proper Upholstery Cleaning

The biggest selling point of micro fiber is how easy it is to perform upholstery cleaning on it. To clean a sofa, follow the directions that we have provided below. Vacuum your sofa completely, this is to ensure all dust and debris are removed. Use the extension that has the fabric attachment for this. Clean any stains using a clean and dry brush. This helps to lift off any crusty spills off the fabric. Then take off the seat cushions and any loose pillows. Vacuum and brush the empty space thoroughly.

Make sure to read the tag on the sofa for any care instructions.

Microfiber furniture will be labelled using 1 of 4 codes, that will indicate what can be used on it to clean it, “W” stands for water based cleaning solutions, “S” stands for water free solutions, “S/W” stands for both, and “X” stands for neither. If your sofa is labelled with the latter, your work is done, so try to resist the temptation to use cleaning solutions, as these will spot, stain or actually shrink the material.

Find the right cleaning product.

Good quality water based cleaning products will contact mild soap and dish detergent, in addition to upholstery shampoo and even carpet products. Water free products such as rubbing and clear alcohol, such as vodka and gin, dry cleaning products, baby wipes, lighter fluid, and oxygenating products don’t contain any bleach.

Spot clean any stains.

Use a small amount of the cleaning products on the stain, ensuring not to saturate the material. However, certain stains do respond more to certain cleaning methods. For a severely stained sofa that has removable “SW” or “W” covers, run the entire lot through a laundry cycle, put on delicates, in addition to a mild detergent you’ve already spot tested on the material.

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