Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning Hand-Crafted Rugs

Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning Hand-Crafted Rugs  

Why Hiring a Professional Rug Cleaner Is the Best Way to Maintain Your Rugs in Excellent Condition

A fine, hand-crafted rug adds class and elegance to any room. However, unlike carpets, rugs require a more gentle approach when it comes to cleaning. In other words, you cannot use the same methods and techniques as you would normally use on a carpet because you may cause irreparable damage to your rug. The good news is that there are plenty of cleaning products that you can safely use on your rugs. However, nothing beats a professional rug cleaner.

A professional rug cleaning service provider has the knowledge and experience to handle your precious rug in a way that no damage is being created. They usually do this by using special tools and products that are designed specifically for rugs. The only problem is that many homeowners refuse to hire a professional, thinking that they can handle the cleaning process themselves. Here are some of the most common mistakes these people make.

Using a vacuum cleaner on a fine rug

Vacuuming is a big No-No for rugs. This is mostly because vacuuming machines can cause the fibers to break or get loose from their bonding. Antique rugs, or rugs that are very expensive should never be vacuumed. The best way to clean these rugs is to simply beat them gently. Obviously, this may not give you the cleaning results that you expect, so if you want to get better result without damaging the rug, then you should call a professional rug cleaner.

Not knowing the history of your rug

Is your rug a Kazak, Tabris, or Kashan? Is it from the Sino-Persian category or is it from the Indo-Persian category? If you can’t answer these questions, then you’re missing out the best part of owning a hand-crafted rug. Each imported rug comes with a story. Outside of pure entertainment and educational value, the information about your rug can also help you maintain it in better condition.

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