Need Advice on How to Clean Your Microsuede Furniture?

Need Advice on How to Clean Your Microsuede Furniture?  

Tips on How to Perform Upholstery Cleaning on Microsuede

Microsuede is made from tightly woven non natural fibres in order to create a durable and water repellent material. Because it can be made to resemble suede or leather, it is a popular choice for upholstery. Microsuede chairs and sofas are more durable and stain resistant than ones made from other fabric, however, they are not exempt from wear and spills. Which is why we, at Silver State Carpet Care, based in Las Vegas, NV, have provided below a few helpful tips for people who live out of our area.

Vacuum to get rid of dust and debris.

Run your vacuum over your microsuede upholstery at least once a week or more if you live with shedding pets. It will keep your upholstery looking new and clean. However, if your vacuum is powerful; to perform upholstery cleaning better, use a furniture brush.

Dry clean microsuede using only powdered detergent

Put laundry detergent on your upholstery, then brush it deep into the fabric with a brush, and then simply vacuum it up. This is useful for avoiding any odours of your furry friends.

Know your code

All microsuede furniture comes with a tag code which will indicate what type of cleaning products can be used on it. These codes should look like W, S or S W.

W – shows that a water based product can be used.

S – shows a solvent based cleaner can be used.

SW shows you can use both kinds of cleaning products.

Make sure to wash your microsuede every couple of months. Even when the fabric is stain free, by washing it, you will ensure it stays clean and fresh smelling.

Purchasing the right cleaning product for your fabric

Fill a spray bottle with the cleaning product that is recommended by the maker of your microsuede upholstery. Spray the area that is stained. To clean the whole item, work in three foot sections; this will prevent over-saturation.

Wipe the product off the furniture. Put pressure to any really wet areas using a clean and white cloth, then gently rub using a circular motion.

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