Not Sure How to Clean Your Car’s Upholstery?

Not Sure How to Clean Your Car’s Upholstery?  

Upholstery Cleaner Tips for Cars

Today’s the blog offered by Silver State Carpet Care is slightly out of the norm, as we are not going to write about houses or businesses. Most of us forget that there are other upholstery and carpets which need cleaning also. So continue reading to find out what we mean! The value of a car often depends on the condition of both the seats and carpet. Cleaning car upholstery is very similar to cleaning your living room carpet or upholstery furniture, as they are often made from similar materials. The process you can use when it comes to an upholstery cleaner will be determined by the material that it is made from.

Before you clean any vehicle upholstery, you have to first thoroughly vacuum the carpets and seats in order to remove the likes of food, dirt, mud and other debris which can damage the seats or become embedded in the carpet during the scrubbing process. When possible use a high-powered vacuum, like ones found at gas stations or car washes to remove dirt which has been deeply ingrained in the fabric.

Fabric seats are usually the ones that get stained the most, not to mention retain odors, and when not cleaned immediately could be permanent. In order to clean fabric car upholstery, you need a spray cleaner that is specifically made for your fabric. Spray the seats and leave this to sink into the fabric. Then with a damp cloth, scrub the seats and then wipe with dry cloth. Make sure you keep the windows rolled down to let the upholstery to dry, otherwise it could start to develop mold or mildew.

It is very easy to clean vinyl car upholstery, as the material will not trap stains. Spray the seats with some vinyl cleaner, and then wipe them down using a dry cloth. Apply some UV protectant to prevent cracking in direct sunlight.

Leather car upholstery is also easy to clean, however, harder to care for. It will develop cracks, sun spots, and tears easily. To clean leather seats, wipe them down with some leather cleaner and a dry cloth.

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